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We have been using Flyer Distribution Service regularly for over 17 years, doing anywhere from 5000 to 15000 flyers at a time. Their service has been very reliable the whole time, and whenever there has been any problem, it has been satisfactorily handled. I can specify the flyer placement as under the doormat and it gets done that way. Their knowledge of the various areas and their demographics is helpful and has opened new markets for us. Flyer Distribution Service can change the distribution plan on short notice if needed. Flyer Distribution is a mainstay of our business.
Shea Roofing

Flyer Distribution Service has served us for years. I can just give Tom a call and he'll arrange the rest. I can specify the exact farm area that needs to be done and have the option of specifying which distributor I want to use, on the days I specify.  We don't want any other flyers going out with ours, so this is ensured. The service is flexible, so if we need to increase, decrease, or omit a week's order, it can be arranged, to our maximum advantage. 
Peter Tryce
Keller Williams/Candid Realty Group

II have used Flyer Distribution Service monthly for my farm area's monthly newsletter for the past 5 years, with solid, consistent results. I can have Tom set up the schedule and areas, and all I have to do is get the flyers ready and out on the porch. Flyer Distribution is my main line of promotion and has been for some time. 
Remax Tri-City Realty

Wanted to let you know that the door tags were a huge success. We had over 100 people walk in to the open house. Thank you for your hard work on this.                                                                                                                                                                                     
Nahed K. Rott
Partners Trust

Doing flyer distribution weekly for my restaurant has become a given part of my business's advertising.  I have Tom rotate the distributions across my Westchester neighborhood and all the map records are kept so as to avoid duplication of the areas, and I don't have to worry about it.
The distributors sent to me are courteous and industrious.  I have paid by credit card, check or cash, all at my convenience.
Manager, Vinny's Pizza